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Artist Song Riddim Year Label Producer
Skinny Counteract Pt 1 Bedspread Riddim 2003 Tune Info
Skinny Counteract Pt 2 Bedspread Riddim 2003 Tune Info
Skinny Man Free Enterprise Duck Dance Tune Info
Skinny Fabulous Gimme Gyal Bornbad 2011 Kubiyashi Tune Info
Skinny Man My Madda Life Is 2004 Long Flight Junior Keith Powell Tune Info
Skinny Man Never Forget To Pray Good News 2005 Feet Productions Tune Info
Skinny Rankin She Lashi Sleng Teng 1988 Lincoln Barrington ‘Sugar’ Minott & Donovan ‘Peter Chemist’ Thompson records Tune Info
Skinny Woman Of Divine True Love [1] Dynamite Lowell Charles Fillmore ‘Sly’ Dunbar & Robert ‘Robbie’ Shakespeare Tune Info
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