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Artist Song Riddim Year Label Producer
[Dub] Try A Thing Version ~Try A Thing Intelitec Oscar ‘Junior Delgado’ Hibbert records Tune Info
[Dub] Try Dub Sleng Teng D Emanuel Tune Info
[Dub] Turn Them Back Version African Beat 1986 Ffrench Robert Ffrench Tune Info
[Dub] Turning Point Version ~536 1978 Tune Info
[Dub] Two Roads Dub Thai Stick 2000 Triston Palmer & Steve Ibanez & Nigel Burrell records Tune Info
[Dub] Unhappy Departure Dub 2002 records Tune Info
[Dub] Uptight Saturday Night Version Mean Girl / I Know The Score 1991 Uncle T Trevor ‘Uncle T’ James Tune Info
[Dub] Uptown Rope In 1999 Boot Camp Computer Paul Tune Info
[Dub] Uptown Friday Night Version I Was Born To Be Loved 1978 Joe Frasier Lloyd Campbell & Keeling Beckford Tune Info
[Dub] Van Man Dub ~Van Man Top Rank Elon J Robinson Tune Info
[Dub] Version ~v917 Digital B Robert ‘Bobby Digital’ Dixon Tune Info
[Dub] Version Sleng Teng Youthman Promotion Lincoln Barrington ‘Sugar’ Minott Tune Info
[Dub] Version ~v111 K C White records Tune Info
[Dub] Version [Instrumental] Love Is All I Had Park Heights Delroy Francis records Tune Info
[Dub] Version College Rock Leo Productions Clive Anderson records Tune Info
[Dub] Version Watch This Sound 1985 Energetic Desmond Rowe records Tune Info
[Dub] Version [Instrumental] ~Kuff [2] 1987 Vena Philip ‘Fatis’ Burrell records Tune Info
[Dub] Version Two Year Old 1987 Kangal Burtland Dixon & L Sterling records Tune Info
[Dub] Version I Don't Know 1987 Intelitec Muzik Blemo Crichton records Tune Info
[Dub] Version Mean Girl 2006 Tad's International records Tune Info
[Dub] Version (Rare Groove Mix) 1995 Saxon Lloyd ‘Musclehead’ Francis records Tune Info
[Dub] Version Hypocrite Hypocrites 1984 Kenneth Hoo Kim Tune Info
[Dub] Version [Belly Move] Answer Volcano [2] Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes Tune Info
[Dub] Version [Calypso] Volcano [2] Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes Tune Info
[Dub] Version [Electric Boogie] Darker Shade Of Black 1983 Hit Bound Tune Info
[Dub] Version [Rumour] Boxing Kris Disk Bunny Roots Tune Info
[Dub] Version [Sound Wonderful] African Beat Ranking Joe Ranking Joe Tune Info
[Dub] Viaje Para Mejico [A Trip To Mexico] Answer King Majesty E Ffrench Tune Info
[Dub] Vibration Version ~v820 1995 Albert Griffiths & Nighthawk Records Tune Info
[Dub] Walk Away Version ~v962 Sonny Peddie Tune Info
[Dub] Walking In Dub ? Burning Spear Tune Info
[Dub] Wall Of Dub ~vn001 1988 Xterminator Philip ‘Fatis’ Burrell Tune Info
[Dub] War Disease Versoin ~?815 1993 Charlie Morgan & Mark Tascher Morrison & Clinton R Tune Info
[Dub] War Dubbing Tribal War 1983 Larry Sevitt & Webster Shrowder Tune Info
[Dub] Wash Out Version Wash Out 2003 q45 Tune Info
[Dub] Watch The Sound Of The Metal Dub Watch This Sound Brad Osborne Tune Info
[Dub] We A Di Best Version ~v802 Redman International Hugh ‘Redman’ James Tune Info
[Dub] We Rule I Was Born To Be Loved Osbourne ‘King Tubby’ Ruddock Tune Info
[Dub] We've Only Just Begun Version ~v847 Patrick & Kirk records Tune Info
[Dub] What A Lick Version ~v920 Parish Edgar Whyte Tune Info
[Dub] What Kind Of Woman Version ? Roy Cousins 4 1980 Tamoki Wambesi Roy Cousins Tune Info
[Dub] What Sense Does It Make Version ~927665 2003 Black Scorpio Tune Info
[Dub] What's Going Down 1983 records Tune Info
[Dub] What's Your Name Version ~?809 African Symbol Tune Info
[Dub] White Lies Version ~v979 Ingredience Tune Info
[Dub] Who Design You Version ~121 Top Rank Elon J Robinson Tune Info
[Dub] Who Told You So Version ~v881 1972 Tune Info
[Dub] Whom Shall I Be Afraid Of Version ~v608 Donoval Germain Tune Info
[Dub] Why Do Fools Fall In Love Version ~v940 1974 Harry J Harry ‘Big J’ Johnson Tune Info
[Dub] Why Turn Down The Sound Version Foxy's Move 1992 Augustus ‘Gussie’ Clarke Tune Info

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