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Artist Song Riddim Year Label Producer
Action K Anyman Forty Sup'emmh 2006 Blaque Warriahz Tune Info
Action Fire Arms House Living Every Tongue Shall Tell Mafia & Fluxy Leroy ‘Mafia’ Heywood & Dave ‘Fluxy’ Heywood Tune Info
Action X Biggest Comfort First Class 2004 Common Sense Tune Info
Action Fire Cause Pon Dem Prosper 2010 Smokeshop Tune Info
Mood Reaction Change Of Heart 1970 Gas Tune Info
Action Check Fa Hard Drive 2002 Universal Dancehall Christopher 'Goldfinga' Clarke & Gregory Harriot records Tune Info
Sajay & Action K Di House Stain 2006 Hands And Heart Tune Info
Action Fire God Alone God Alone [1] Annex Harvel ‘Gadaffi’ Hart Tune Info
Action Fire Good Friendz Quick Pick 2006 Run Things Wayne ‘Lonesome’ Brown Tune Info
Johnny & Attractions I'm Moving On Tune Info
Tornado & Action- K If Your Girl Only Knew Trash Can 2004 Ice Berg Tune Info
Main Attraction Jam Up Mountain Tune Info
Action Fire Joy And Happiness Balda Balda 2004 Musically Clined Tune Info
Anthony B & Action Fire Long Long Time Balda Balda 2004 Musically Clined Tune Info
Capleton & Action K My Boo Baby Love 2004 Sun Moon Stars Harvel ‘Gadaffi’ Hart Tune Info
Action K Na Na Na Kasablanca 2004 Slam Alberto 'Burro' Blackwood Tune Info
Determine & Action K Nuh Turn It Off Heavenless 2003 Pound Daddy Tune Info
Action Fire On A Mission Redemption Song 1996 Annex Harvel ‘Gadaffi’ Hart & Delroy Schobourgh Tune Info
Mood Reaction Run Away Man 1970 Gas Tune Info
Banana Man & Towie Don & Action Fire Selassie I Shank I Sheck 1999 Tubbies Tune Info
Action K Tell Me Assault Rifle 2005 Fat Eyes Tune Info
Gabriel & Action K The Rain Rain 2002 Very Huge Tune Info
Action Fire Things You Do Heavenless 2005 Education Tune Info
Action Fire Think And Check Cuss Cuss 2004 Education Tune Info
Elephant Man & Action K Tight Mama / Throw Back Giggy 2005 Legends Craig 'Leftside' Parks & Matthew 'Esco' Thompson Tune Info
Action K Weh Yu Feel Like Sun Block 2005 Yellow Moon Katrina 'DJ Sunshine' Irons Tune Info
Action K Wife Ritz Carlton 2006 Slam Tune Info
Gregory Isaacs & Action Fire Without A Lover Leroy Smart & Blackbeard Tune Info