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Bunny Rugs
Also known as: Bunny Scott
Realname: William Alexander Anthony Clarke
Born: 1948-02-06 in Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica
Died: 2014-02-02
Artist Song Riddim Year Label Producer
Bunny Rugs & Ricky Storme credited as Bunny & Ricky Bushweed Corntrash Bushweed Corntrash 1975 Orchid Rainford Hugh ‘Lee Scratch’ Perry Tune Info
Bunny Rugs & Ricky credited as Bushweed Corntrash Freedom Fighter Beat Down Babylon 1975 Warning Rainford Hugh ‘Lee Scratch’ Perry Tune Info
Gregory Isaacs & Bunny Rugs Here Comes Rudie Xterminator Tune Info
Bunny Rugs I'll Be There Baby Why 2002 Joe Frasier Lloyd Campbell & Michelle Campbell & Dean Ivanhoe Fraser Tune Info
Bunny Rugs I'll Be There For You Street Swing 2006 In The Streetz Tune Info
Bunny Rugs & Third World Love Is Blind Bad Treatment [1] 2008 Taxi Lowell Charles Fillmore ‘Sly’ Dunbar & Robert ‘Robbie’ Shakespeare Tune Info
Bunny Rugs Marcus Garvey Marcus Garvey 2004 Mr Tipsy Rodguel ‘Black Beard’ Sinclair Tune Info
Bounty Killer & Bunny Rugs No Supastar records Tune Info
Marcia Griffiths & Bunny Rugs Really Together Really Together / Always Together 1991 Penthouse Donovan Germain Tune Info
Bunny Rugs Solutions Consuming Fire 2006 Augustus ‘Gussie’ Clarke records Tune Info
Bunny Rugs Tune In Tune In 2005 Gaylord Bravo records Tune Info
Bunny Rugs War War Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Black Scorpio Maurice ‘Jack Scorpio’ Johnson Tune Info
Bunny Rugs Woman I Love You Sleng Teng Stephen Lee & Trevor Baillie & Pablo Stewart records Tune Info
Bunny Rugs World Today Kool Runnings 2007 Hyperactive Entertainment Tune Info