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Artist Song Riddim Year Label Producer
Junior Dangerous Bad From Me Born Flip 2002 Tune Info
Major Danger Gal Respect NY Terrorist Tune Info
Trevor Sparks & Dangerfield Woman Loving ~v846 Barry 'U' Barrett records Tune Info
Dangerman Sound A Goody Goody Heatscore 2010 Balanced Tune Info
General Danger Fi Real Bam Bam 1992 Bee Cat Rula Brown Tune Info
Lady Danger & Gringo If You Want Me Hallilujah Party 2004 Bigga Headz Tune Info
Leon Danger I'm A Daddy Now Picture On The Wall Creative Sounds Tune Info
Major Danger & Cocoa Tea Proud To Be Black Freedom Blues Eclipse Phillip Smart Tune Info
Major Danger Know Fi Move Your Waist Know Fi Move Your Waist 1989 Eclipse Phillip Smart Tune Info
Danger Wong Empty Gun Operation Radication 1992 Fresh Breed Tune Info
Danger Wong Clump Lazy Man 2001 Godfather [3] Tune Info
Leon Danger Not So Lucky Sweet Sop 2005 Hillsman Tune Info
Danger Wong My Sound Rough In A Dance Peanie Peanie 1990 Inner City Wally & Genius Tune Info
Teflon & Danger Elevate The Street 2004 Jah Life Tune Info
Danger Make Sure A Di Wuk ~760 1990 Jammys Lloyd ‘King Jammy’ James Tune Info
Mikey Dangerous Performance Drive Hiccup 1999 Kings Of Kings Tune Info
Brooky Dangerous Flood Da Joint 1999 Mentally Disturbed Ward 21 Tune Info
Danger Wong You Know Insane 2005 Rated R Tune Info
Major Danger You Turn Me On Stingray Carlton ‘Dillie’ McLeod & Raymond ‘Sting’ McLeod & Donovan ‘Peter Chemist’ Thompson Tune Info
Danger Mikey Defend Yu Gal (12 Inch) 1990 Taurus Tune Info