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Artist Song Riddim Year Label Producer
Mello Man Afircan Girl Phat Trax 2006 Phat Trax Tune Info
KB & Mello Babylon Better Place 2004 Jungle Music Tune Info
Nattyflo & Mellow Mark Bleib Positiv Too Long 2005 MkZwo Ganjaman Tune Info
Mellolads Chatty Chatty Mouth [2] Sonia Eloise Pottinger Tune Info
Caramellow & Lobstarr Como Un Matador Matador 2002 Beat Schmieda Markus ‘Beat Schmieda’ Grapmeyer Tune Info
Caramellow & Criminal DIME Girlfriend 2003 Silly Walks Tune Info
Mellotones Dry Up Your Tears Dry Up Your Tears 1968 Pal Rainford Hugh ‘Lee Scratch’ Perry Tune Info
Mellotones Feel Good 1966 Joel Arthur ‘Joe Gibbs’ Gibson Tune Info
Mello Banton Gi Wi A Break Champagne Afrodeziac Tune Info
Mellow Mark I Don't Smoke Crystal Woman 2005 Rootdown Thilo ‘Teka’ Jacks Tune Info
Mellotones I'm Gonna Let 1967 Rainford Hugh ‘Lee Scratch’ Perry & Joel Arthur ‘Joe Gibbs’ Gibson Tune Info
Mello I'm Still In Love I'm Still In Love With You Wycliffe ‘Steely’ Johnson & Cleveland ‘Clevie’ Browne Tune Info
Caramellow credited as Caramelo La Policia Boops 2004 Roots Rockers Music Andreas ‘Andy Bee’ Bauer Tune Info
Mellow & Patrick Cool Labrish Duck 1989 Wha Dat Tony Ranks Tune Info
Courtney Melody credited as Courtney Mellody Lick Shot Ba Ba Boom Ujama Linval ‘Prince Jazzbo’ Carter Tune Info
Carramellow Mädchen World Report 2001 Germaican Tune Info
Mello Banton No Informer Pajero 2000 Big Links Tune Info
Mello Tuffy No Mix Up In A It Vibes Tune Info
Mellotones Nonesuch Busted Me Nonesuch Busted Me Rainford Hugh ‘Lee Scratch’ Perry Tune Info
Sammy Dread & Mellow Yellow Telephone Man (12 Inch) Lecturer Brown Sounds Inc Brown Tune Info
Mellotones Uncle Charley Uncle Charlie 1968 Upsetter Rainford Hugh ‘Lee Scratch’ Perry Tune Info
Mellow Yellow & Young Ranks We Hard Heavenless 1982 Prince Tony Robinson Tune Info
Mellotones What A Botheration Rainford Hugh ‘Lee Scratch’ Perry Tune Info