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Artist Song Riddim Year Label Producer
Bookie Ranks Girl Fascination Bonanza 1998 Llyod Campbell & Michelle Campbell & Tinga Stewart Tune Info
Kehv & Magiva & Rookie Meaning Of This Detrimental 2005 eight76 Tune Info
Smokie Benz Gimme Gal Ivan 2005 Minor7Flat5 Andreas ‘Brotherman’ Christopherson Tune Info
Trish & Oki What I Like El Toro 2005 13 Tribe Tune Info
Fire Star & Ayoki Stop Grass Roots 2006 Rootical Tune Info
Flookie Another One Devil's Angel 2007 Supersonic Feueralarm Tune Info
Cookie The Herbalist Stories Pon Stories Bubbler 2009 African Beat Bandito & Squishem Tune Info
Cookie The Herbalist Inna Mi Car Best Trick 2010 Weedy G Tune Info
Neno & Bookie No Bag A Man Cyclist 2011 Lazeme Lazeme Tune Info
Smokie Benz Grab Gyal Up And Running 2011 Frenz For Real Tune Info