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Artist Song Riddim Year Label Producer
Flookie Another One Devil's Angel 2007 Supersonic Feueralarm Tune Info
Smokie Benz Gimme Gal Ivan 2005 Minor7Flat5 Andreas ‘Brotherman’ Christopherson Tune Info
Bookie Ranks Girl Fascination Bonanza 1998 Llyod Campbell & Michelle Campbell & Tinga Stewart Tune Info
Smokie Benz Grab Gyal Up And Running 2011 Frenz For Real Tune Info
Cookie The Herbalist Inna Mi Car Best Trick 2010 Weedy G Tune Info
Kehv & Magiva & Rookie Meaning Of This Detrimental 2005 eight76 Tune Info
Neno & Bookie No Bag A Man Cyclist 2011 Lazeme Lazeme Tune Info
Fire Star & Ayoki Stop Grass Roots 2006 Rootical Tune Info
Cookie The Herbalist Stories Pon Stories Bubbler 2009 African Beat Bandito & Squishem Tune Info
Trish & Oki What I Like El Toro 2005 13 Tribe Tune Info