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Artist Song Riddim Year Label Producer
Singing Shadow 6, 8, 12 Psalms 2000 Witty Whitfield ‘Witty’ Henry Tune Info
Little Sporty & U Roy & Acoustic Shadows credited as Little Sport & Hugh Roy & Acoustic Shadows Ain't No Love [Adopted] Mr. Fire Coal Man? 1972 Sporty's Disc H Stewart Tune Info
Velvet Shadows Babylon A Fall Down Babylon A Fall Down Tune Info
Shadowman Calypso Answer Tune Info
Shadowman Chant For Life Life 2003 Henfield Tune Info
Shadows Crying Too Long 1968 Bobby Aitken Tune Info
Shadowman Dirty Living ~573 1989 Pickout Lloyd ‘Pickout’ Dennis Tune Info
Shadowman Higher Realms Sweet River Rock 1998 Henfield L Corniffe Tune Info
Shadowman If A Never Jah Baba Tunde 1999 Henfield Tune Info
Shadowman Jah Jah Never Leave Dub Inna Rome 2005 Qabalah Tune Info
Silver Shadows Jah Will Guide Going Home 1976 Well Charge Joseph ‘Joe Joe’ Hoo Kim Tune Info
Shadow Jamaica 21 General [1] 1984 Kenneth Hoo Kim Tune Info
Danny D & Shadows Lord A Masie Masie (Hard Times) ~v942 1974 Harry J Harry ‘Big J’ Johnson Tune Info
Shadowman Mama Work City 2005 Henfield Tune Info
Shadowman Man In My Life Mad Mad 1984 Sunset John ‘Little John’ McMorris & Devon Jackson Tune Info
Shadowz No Politics No Politics 2004 A Lustre Kings Tune Info
Tropic Shadows Our Anniversary Anniversary 1972 Sunshot George ‘Phil Pratt’ Phillips Tune Info
Shadowman Respect Grand Parents Nuh Pardon 1998 Henfield Tune Info
Shadows The Dirty Dozen 1968 Bobby Aitken Tune Info
Little John & Shadowman True Confession + Calypso Calypso (12 Inch) Answer 1983 Rusty International George Phang Tune Info
Shadowman Voice Shall Be Heard Waan Buss 2000 Tune Info
Velvet Shadows Wailing Of Black People Wailing Of Black People Tune Info