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Artist Song Riddim Year Label Producer
Wasp Beat It Ole Geezer 2009 ward21 Tune Info
Warria King & Gal A Wasp Let Me Know Stteady Flow 2011 GT Tune Info
Wasp & Davillle Originality Live Wire 2002 Fire House George Miller Tune Info
Wasp Rappa Rain 2002 Very Huge Tune Info
Wasp Stay Far From The Evil Dem Fresh Medz 2011 Warriors Musik Warriors Musik Tune Info
Wasp Warzone Euro Swagga 2010 SWS Sound Tune Info
Wasp Your Love Cushion 2011 Blue Sky Tune Info
Wasp Nest & Snow Cone Yuh Style Earth Wind & Fire 2002 Jah Snowcone Tune Info