Record » Hugh Griffiths - Mother Africa (Gone Gold) (LP)

 -  (Steppers)
Steppers - LP
Hugh Griffiths
Mother Africa (Gone Gold)

Record Year: 1982
Producer: Wilfred ‘Witty’ Reid
Mixing Engineer: Ruddy Thomas & Michael Riley
Recording Engineer: David & Cha Cha Brown
Arranger: Wilfred ‘Witty’ Reid
Musicians: Leroy ‘Horsemouth’ Wallace & Uzziah ‘Sticky’ Thompson & Errol ‘Flabba Holt’ Carter & Eric Norman ‘Bingy Bunny’ Lamont & Noel ‘Scully’ Simms (as Skully) & Paul the Basey & Stanley ‘Barnabas’ Bryan & Bobby Kalphat (as Bobby Kalprat) & Winston Wright

Recording: Music Mountain
Mixing: Dynamic Sounds

Horns: Cedric ‘Im’ Brooks & Headley ‘Deadly’ Bennett (as Headly Bennette)

Label Media C Catalog # Matrix # Year
Steppers LP [none] 1982

# Artist Song Riddim Year Label Producer
1. Hugh Griffiths Happy Go Lucky Girl [Adopted] Wilfred ‘Witty’ Reid Tune Info
2. Hugh Griffiths 400 Years First Cut Is The Deepest Wilfred ‘Witty’ Reid Tune Info
3. Hugh Griffiths Ghetto Children Wilfred ‘Witty’ Reid Tune Info
4. Hugh Griffiths Mother Africa Let Me Tell You Boy 1982 Steppers Wilfred ‘Witty’ Reid Tune Info
5. Hugh Griffiths Reggae Rock Steady [Adopted] Rock Steady Wilfred ‘Witty’ Reid Tune Info
6. Hugh Griffiths Tender Touch Heptones Gonna Fight? Wilfred ‘Witty’ Reid Tune Info
7. Hugh Griffiths African Dreams [Adopted] Drifter Wilfred ‘Witty’ Reid Tune Info
8. Hugh Griffiths Darker Days Love Won't Come Easy Wilfred ‘Witty’ Reid Tune Info