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 -  (Mandingo Hot Steppers)
Mandingo Hot Steppers - LP
General Echo
Tribute To General Echo

Producer: Martin ‘Mandingo’ Williams
Mastering Engineer: Noel Summerville
Recording Engineer: Lancelot ‘Maxie’ McKenzie & Martin ‘Mandingo’ Williams & Earl ‘General Echo’ Robinson
Editing Engineer: Felicity Hassell
Arranger: Martin ‘Mandingo’ Williams

Recording: Channel One

Drums: Lowell Charles Fillmore ‘Sly’ Dunbar
Bass: Bertram ‘Ranchie’ McLean
Rhythm Guitar: Radcliffe ‘Doogie’ Bryan
Keyboard: Gladstone ‘Gladdy’ Anderson & Ansel Collins
Percussions: Uzziah ‘Sticky’ Thompson & Noel ‘Scully’ Simms
Saxophone: Cedric ‘Im’ Brooks (tenor sax) & Headley ‘Deadly’ Bennett (alto sax)

Label Media C Catalog # Matrix # Year
Mandingo Hot Steppers LP JM MAHLP 005 1983

# Artist Song Riddim Year Label Producer
1. General Echo Sex Educational Class Funny Feeling 1979 Mandingo Martin ‘Mandingo’ Williams Tune Info
2. General Echo & Welton Irie Sex Educational Class 1 Funny Feeling Tune Info
3. General Echo Bun Bun ~v153 Mandigo Martin ‘Mandingo’ Williams Tune Info
4. General Echo credited as Field Marshal Echo Love At First Sight Oh Love 1981 Mandingo Martin ‘Mandingo’ Williams Tune Info
5. General Echo Afrikan National Heroes (=African National Heroes) Dem A Fight I 1982 Mandingo Hot Steppers Martin ‘Mandingo’ Williams Tune Info
6. General Echo Stereophonic Rocking 23 Tonight [1] Tune Info
7. General Echo Shine Eye Girl & Goat Man Skank 23 Get In The Groove Tune Info
8. General Echo Country Gal 23 Get In The Groove Tune Info
9. General Echo Liza And Hada Dan Uppa Town 23 No No No Tune Info
10. General Echo Miss Tuffy, Papa Ruffy, Miss Lucky 23 Heptones Gonna Fight Tune Info
11. General Echo River Jordan, Owna Fi Di Yard, Sex Educational Class In Raggamuffin Style 23 Vanity Tune Info
1 in dance hall style (recorded at Tivoli Garden Community Centre, Kingston)
2 recorded at live dances in Clarendon
3 voiced over Studio One rhythm tracks